Precise Control of Gas Flows in Bioreactors

Voegtlin mass flow controllers are an exceptional tool for exact control of gas flows in bioreactors. Bioreactors are employed for delicate and crucial processes where mass flow control of relevant gases has to be flexible, repeatable, and reliable. For instance, it is necessary to cautiously control the dissolved oxygen needs to obtain repeatable pH control, and volumes of fermentation gases like H2 and CO impact mass transfer coefficients.

Voegtlin mass flow controllers are an exceptional tool for exact control of gas flows. They have up to 10 different programmed gases in every flow meter, dynamic ranges of over 100:1 (application dependent), and a strong valve with the capability to handle a broad range of outlet and inlet pressures, thus assuring flexibility.

Mass flow controllers enable excellent gas controls compared to conventional variable area meter with a manual valve. Along with superior gas flow control, MFCs offer the potential for automating processes and recording gas flow electronically for future reference.

Voegtlin is already a lead supplier of mass flow instrumentation to reactor system manufacturers. The Red-y series of mass flow controllers offers simple stand-alone solutions for IP67 (NEMA6) or table-top systems and ATEX-certified units that can be in a lab that needs to be frequently washed down with high-pressure water-jet cleaners.

Red-y Thermal Mass Meter Features

  • Quick response time and regulation
  • High dynamic range (up to 1:500)
  • Extended functions due to digital communication
  • Very high repeatability and measurement accuracy
  • Simple servicing and maintenance
  • Three years warranty
  • Easy operation

Typical Applications

  • Gas mixing and blending
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Coating plant
  • Analytical equipment
  • Regulation of gaseous atmospheres

Red y smart Mass Meter Datasheet

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