Extra High Strength Cupronickel for Hostile Subsea Environments

Oliver Valvetek produces a large number of the needle and ball valves that are used in hostile subsea environments around the world. Only Columbia Metals can provide Nibron Special®. This alloy is resistant to high strengths and corrosion; therefore, it is the best option for gate valve override stems designed and manufactured by the company.

We have a longstanding historical relationship with Columbia Metals and specify Nibron Special® for use in actuator stems.

We use Nibron® ourselves and specify it on the technical drawings we send to our subcontractors. The valves are ultimately used in deepwater environments where corrosion resistance is of paramount importance, so Nibron® is the perfect alloy.

Paul Shillito, Engineering Director, Oliver Valvetek.

To achieve the highest standards of safety and innovation is what Oliver Valvetek aims for, a goal that has pushed the company forward in the global oil and gas industry.

The high strength of Nibron® gives us the confidence that we can rely on the alloy.

We have also been particularly impressed by its resistance to marine growth and anti-galling properties.

Paul Shillito, Engineering Director, Oliver Valvetek.

About Oliver Valvetek

Oliver Valvetek is one of the leading small-bore subsea needle, ball and gate valve manufacturers in the world. It offers a wide range of products, including valves to 20,000psi and for water depths of 10,000 feet.

Oliver Valvetek and its sister companies, Oliver Valves and Oliver Twinsafe Valves, have a turnover of nearly £100m, the company has more than 300 employees and has ten sales offices around the world.

About Nibron Special®

Columbia Metals has developed Nibron Special®, a super high strength copper nickel alloy that is mainly suited to the tough extremes of marine or offshore oil and gas environments.

Nibron Special® has proven to be a crucial component in numerous other sectors of industry, such as aerospace, electrical, chemical and automotive.

What Columbia Metals prides itself in is the fact that the company holds extensive stocks of Nibron Special® in round bar from 1/2" to 9” diameter.

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