What are the Benefits of Your Industrial X-Ray System?

People all over the globe rely on NSI X-Ray equipment to perform correctly every day. Users can change the world we live in by developing innovations that help to make the world a safer place and save the lives of people everywhere.

One of the most crucial aspects to ensuring productivity and manufacturing efficiency is preventing system downtime, as well as continued innovation with research and development. Having system issues because of a lack of regular maintenance can hinder production greatly and even bring it to a complete halt.

Maintaining Your System

Proper scheduling of preventative maintenance can massively increase the longevity and performance of the X-Ray system. When carried out correctly, preventative maintenance assists in minimizing downtime, identifies wear on different components, and helps verify that things run smoothly to get the most out of your investment.

Depending on the type of system and how heavily the system is used on a regular basis, this type of maintenance is usually performed between one and four times a year.

A standard Preventative Maintenance visit usually consists of the following:

  • Service vacuum system
  • Verify emergency stop operation
  • Clean cooler, test flow, and check temperature switches
  • Perform a Radiation Safety Survey with documentation
  • Clean, inspect, re-apply dielectric grease to HV cables and set compression
  • Test power supplies and adjust to factory specifications
  • Test and adjust shutter
  • Clean, inspect X-Ray Tubes, replace O-rings and adjust to manufacturers specs
  • Clean, inspect and lubricate manipulator
  • Clean and verify adjustments on the HV generators to prolong tube filament life
  • Test and adjust Safety Interlocks and Safety Lamps
  • Inspect for proper cable drape

After going through these checkpoints, a service technician will usually discuss potential wear on specific parts of the system and could make recommendations on replacing or repairing certain components.

This could include parts that should be replaced urgently, or parts that are recommended to keep in stock to decrease total downtime. This aids in ensuring that the system is kept in working order continuously and minimizes wear over time.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements

One of the best investments that you can make is possessing a preventative maintenance agreement for your system. It helps to prevent more costly repairs, replacements, and downtime. Furthermore, it also confirms that the system is maintained on a scheduled routine basis throughout the agreement period.

This permits users to plan ahead for scheduled downtime, get advice on how to correctly keep the system running, and be confident in knowing that the system is being looked after by trained industrial x-ray system maintenance professionals.

In addition to these benefits, customers with maintenance agreements also acquire extra discounts on parts and access to a dedicated support line at no extra cost.

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