Optimum Machine Performance in the Power and Energy Industry

It is crucial to detect all deviations from desired plant operation in order to achieve optimum machine performance, improve efficiency of plants and save energy at the same time. Ametek Calibration produces easy-to-use, innovative calibration and test equipment to meet the requirements within process and quality control in the energy and power sectors.

Optimum Machine Performance in the Power and Energy Industry

Solar Power

The sensors which are utilized throughout the process must be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that they are functioning properly in order to maximize the effectiveness of solar power. Multiple lengths and sizes are also utilized, so finding an accurate, versatile, dry-block is crucial. Ametek Calibration produces a line of dry-block calibrators which provide a variety of temperature calibration equipment to calibrate these sensors.

Barometric Pressure Measurement

Some applications, for example calibrating absolute pressure gauges, will need a reference gauge to read directly in barometric pressure. The nVision and the HPC40 series, with the barometric reference option will indicate pressure in the absolute scale. Toggling between gauge and absolute pressure on the same device is even possible.

Steam Measurement

Accurate temperature measurement from 550 to 700 °C is generally important, and especially for Ultra Super Critical (USC) multi-fuel boiler technology. Any variance in temperature can result in increased risk of shut-down, higher maintenance, and a reduced lifetime. The RTC-700 with its extended temperature range and patent pending Dynamic Load Compensation system (DLC) is the perfect solution.

General Calibration and Maintenance

Pressure gauges, pressure and temperature transmitters, regulators, electronic sensors, transducers, valves, and temperature and pressure switches must be checked and calibrated periodically.

Transmitter/Flow Computer Calibration and Validation

In addition to temperature, static and differential pressures can be measured to calculate flow by utilizing transmitters and flow computers. To ensure their accuracy, calibration and validation is required.

The nVision lets a user complete pressure calibration and validation of a differential transmitter, Ametek Calibrations ASC-400 and CSC201 simulate the signal to the flow computer and their temperature calibrators calibrate the temperature component.

Hydrostatic Testing/Leak Testing

The way that tanks and pipelines are tested for their strength and leaks by pressurizing a liquid, and seeing whether there is a pressure loss. Both the XP2i and nVision record the pressure test and create a digital record. Pressure and temperature can be recorded simultaneously using the nVision.

Orifice Plate

An orifice plate is utilized to restrict flow, reduce pressure, or to measure flow. The nVision can measure and record differential pressure at high static pressure directly across an orifice plate.

Relief Valve and Rupture Disc Testing

Pressure safety valves and rupture discs protect pressure vessels and piping systems from excessive internal pressure. Periodic testing and adjustment of this equipment is critical to maintain overall safety. To perform and record the tests Ametek Calibration equipment catches the maximum pressure at high speeds (up to 10 readings per second).


By using the special custom engineering unit, Ametek Calibration equipment can be employed to directly read in ft/lbs, N m, or any other customized unit.

Datalogging/Data Recording

Record temperature, pressure, current, and voltage at up to 10 readings per second by using the nVision. It has a battery-optimizing, Ultra Low Power (ULP) mode, which enables the user to take an entire year of continuous recordings on one set of batteries.

Chart Recorder Replacement

Where ordinary recorders would fail or be inaccurate, data loggers from Ametek Calibration can be employed in wet, remote, hazardous, applications. The nVision is the perfect replacement for aging chart recorders. It provides more accurate readings in a smaller, lighter, and more robust package, while saving data in an electronic format. One 10,000 psi nVision could potentially replace most chart recorders, since chart recorders rarely have resolution which is better than 1 psi.

Transformer Temperature Switch Testing

The CTC Series of dry-blocks provide onboard temperature switch testing capability for workshop and field testing of transformer switches. The ability to heat to the test point quickly and provide an easy to read indication of the switch status permits accurate and efficient testing of these switches. For each test the unit will show reset, set, and hysteresis.

Boiler Testing

A number of temperatures must be measured when testing and manufacturing boilers. In some instances, test benches are employed to test the input and output temperatures of the water in the heating circuit, and the input and output temperature of the water in the sanitary circuit.

Additionally, some also contain temperature switches, which must also be tested. The CTC is designed for both maintenance shop and on-site utilization, and will calibrate throughout the required range of 15 to 140 °C.

Deadweight Tester Replacement-Augment

The nVision gives the accuracy of a deadweight tester in a more portable, much lighter package. It is also unaffected by gravity or temperature, needs no special training, and is less expensive to calibrate.

Tank Level (Storage)

Accurate pressure and temperature measurement of each storage vessel is required for fuel and water holding tanks to generate a record of their inventory. The nVision provides a fast and easy way to record accurate pressure measurements and the RTC measures and calibrates temperature.

Pump Testing

The nVision monitors inlet and outlet pressures and records from two pressure sensors, as fast as 10 times per second, up to 15 000 psi, to characterize the pump.

Direct Pressure Measurement

A number of locations throughout power and energy facilities will need direct measurement of pressure. This could involve either mounting an instrument permanently or performing periodic checks. Instrumentation from Ametek Calibration provides the flexibility and accuracy to measure pressure with confidence.

Maintenance of Calibration Standards and Test Equipment

Test equipment and portable calibrators require periodic checks and calibration. Having local standards on site for calibration of these instruments provides savings in cost and downtime of instruments: calibrate the field instruments locally and then only send the standard in for regular calibration. The HPC40 Series and nVision are light-weight, small, instruments that have the accuracy needed to calibrate pressure in the field or in a lab.

The RTC and PTC series are excellent standards for the verification and calibration of handheld thermometers. The DTI Series with an STS may be used as high accuracy temperature references. The AMC-910 offers capabilities for local calibration of electrical signals and with the APM CPF and an STS probe may be used for pressure and temperature calibration.

There is no better pressure standard than a deadweight tester for calibrating pressure instruments and the deadweight testers from Ametek Calibration are designed to be highly accurate but durable.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration.

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