Chill Casting Quality Assurance Using OES

Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH is a family-run, midsize, second-generation foundry created in Germany in 1977. They provide a wide range of services such as creating molds and dies, product development, finishing with CNC controlled turning, casting and production, sub-assembling, and milling centers.

High precision and material standards require exact monitoring of the melt in order to meet customer specifications and deliver clean materials.

Tino Ernst, Quality Assurance Manager at Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss GmbH

Their customers are from a wide range of industries including pump technology, engineering, food and medical engineering. They create parts that range from table football pieces to complex housing heads for computer tomography.

Besides melt monitoring on the foundry floor, spectral analysis has a critical hand in end-to-end production monitoring, from the receiving of goods (particularly when raw materials are delivered in the absence of test reports) to shipping (that requires test reports to be made for the customers). Material samples from customers are also frequently submitted for testing too.

Use of FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart in Product Development

To help customers with any special requests, Krause also utilizes the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart in the development of products. The combination is tested with the spectrometer during trial stages. Krause Präzisions-Kokillenguss provides 12 alloys which include aluminum alloys, to non-ferrous metal alloys such as brass, aluminum bronze, and pure copper.

The steel for each mould is also tested with the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart due to errors occurring during delivery in the past.

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