How the Manufacturing Process Can Benefit from Data Loggers

Data loggers can be used at several levels in a business’s operation. It is well known that data loggers are very useful in storage, shipping, production and logistics; however, it is less well known that they can be just as useful in manufacturing environments

When used in manufacturing environments data loggers can be used to improve productivity. This improvement in productivity can help enhance the manufacturing processes and applications used and also lower running costs.

This article will explore key areas where the introduction of data logging can be used to enhance industrial manufacturing.


Data loggers can provide their users with comprehensive data analysis whenever it is required. Rather than having to manually input data into a spreadsheet, or to waste time searching through old data, data logging software gives users rapid access to all of the data they need in any desired time frame.

The MadgeTech 4 Data Logger Software provides users with data analysis and graphing tools that can be used to optimize use of the data logger. Data from the logger can be easily shared, which is perfect for operators who need to share data with quality, engineering or management departments.

The data collected can be collated into a spreadsheet with advanced options for data tabling, time marking and statistical analysis.


Data loggers do not just provide accessible data, they can also be used for problem analysis during the manufacturing process. As a result, data loggers can be used to optimize manufacturing and product quality/operation. Any errors occurring during the manufacturing process can be immediately identified using the data loggers without having to waste time or resources.

MagdeTech provides several data loggers that read a range of parameters that can be used in manufacturing environments. These include logging of current, pulse, shock and temperature.

Useful applications of the data loggers include event recording, troubleshooting of ineffective machinery and power consumption monitoring.

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