World-Changing Women in STEM

Women in STEM are powerhouse leaders, responsible for some of the biggest developments in technology, science, engineering and mathematics. Women have made a monumental name for themselves in this (still) male-dominated field, regardless of whether they hail from work within photonics/optics, academia or are on the frontlines of medical research.

From left to right, Marie Curie, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Lene Hau.

From left to right, Marie Curie, Maria Goeppert-Mayer, Lene Hau. Image Credit: Stensborg 

The Best Part

Although women are still disproportionate in the STEM workforce, growing women's representation and leveraging their voices as leaders have inevitably sparked a continuous rise in women choosing to study STEM degrees.

There are over 6.3 million women scientists and engineers in the EU as of 2019, and they make up 43% of the total STEM employment. Stensborg prides itself on supporting long-overdue equality and diversity.

Leveling the Playing Field – Women in STEM Today

Today, the amount of women in STEM is growing significantly, and it is thanks to the market finally shifting that it continues to thrive.

Companies boosting women in STEM representation and leaders inspiring future generations to pursue their dreams have caused a massive barrier-breaking ripple effect - a barrier that should have never been there in the first place.

Women provide a wealth of fundamental value to the STEM sphere. The world is heading into a fourth industrial revolution which will blur the lines between physical and digital realities, and companies being as inclusive and integrative as possible is the only way to be prepared for that upcoming change.

To put it simply, companies would only have half the passion, half the brainpower, and, ultimately, half the innovative potential without women in STEM.

Transforming STEM Leadership Culture

Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity are the heart of what the Stensborg team is about. Much of their ground-breaking integrations and research have come from their crew of female change-makers in STEM.

Stensborg employs a number of female student assistants, working in and out of the lab. The sales and marketing team are 90% female. If it wasn’t for these empowering women in STEM, the photonics/optics successes and innovative richness at Stensborg would not be nearly as disruptive.

From rising professionals to seasoned ones, these futuristic and influential leaders are the backbone of what Stensborg strives for and stands for as a company, and it is about time that women in STEM gain the global respect, representation and appreciation they deserve.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Stensborg.

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