Why PTR-MS is a Green Analytical Tool

PTR-MS is a direct, real-time, and quantitative spectrometry method for VOC monitoring. It is frequently used as an analytical tool in food science and technology.

Why PTR-MS is a Green Analytical Tool

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According to a recent review by Mazzucotelli et al., PTR-MS is fully compliant with Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) guidelines, and therefore, PTR-MS can be considered a “green” analytical technique.1

PTR-MS is a high-sensitivity direct injection tool for real-time process monitoring which does not require any solvents, derivatization agents, or toxic reagents. This green analytical tool offers high analysis throughput, with distilled water being the only consumable required for operation.

While these are just a few examples of PTR-MS green features, the authors explain how all of the 12 Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) principles are satisfied by PTR-MS.

The review also contains an overview of recent PTR-TOF applications in food science and technology. IONICON is a market leader in PTR-MS, and recent studies tend to be hugely dominated by data that is generated with IONICON PTR-MS and PTR-TOF instruments.

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