XRF Analysis With The Lightweight, Handheld X-MET3000TX Alloy Analyser from Oxford Instruments

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Quality Control and Positive Material Verification (PMI)

Scrap Sorting and Metals Analysis


Lightweight, hand-held, XRF analyser for fast and reliable elemental analysis, quality control and scrap sorting.

AZoM - The A to Z of Materials Online - The X-MET3000TX from Oxford Instruments

Figure 1. The X-MET3000TX from Oxford Instruments


         Bring the analyser to the test site

         No limit on sample size

         Point and shoot analysis

         Intuitive user interface

         Brief operator training

Quality Control and Positive Material Verification (PMI)

The X-MET3000TX has been designed specifically for material verification functions where metals analysis is required.

         Monitor assay to confirm goods meet specification

         Inspect pipes, welds etc for corrosion resistance, and pressure equipment for alloy composition

         Avoid material mix-ups

         Wires of less than 1mm in diameter, or small objects of the same size, can be identified in seconds

Scrap Sorting and Metals Analysis

In metal recycling the quality and precision of metal sorting have to be second to none.

         Be confident that the accurate analysis of Ni, Co, Cu, Mo, Sn, Ti will allow you to get maximum value for your scrap, even with the tight tolerances demanded by the industry

         Avoid penalties by the accurate detection of tramp elements

         Grade ID in 2 - 5 seconds

         Full assay in 5 - 10 seconds

         Withstands all weather conditions and rough treatment

         Proven track record for reliability and endurance

         Minimal service costs and down-time

         5 year X-ray tube warranty and 2 year instrument warranty

         Fundamental Parameter (FP) and empirical calibrations

         Identification Mode for quick sorting


Source: Oxford Instruments


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