Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings and CVD Diamond

The unique properties of diamond as an engineering material form the primary basis for the high value-added content of the DIAMONEX's products.

Combinations of the outstanding properties of DIAMONEX® CVD Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbon give rise to important products in the electronics, data storage, industrial optics, and wear protection/low friction coatings markets selected by DIAMONEX as areas of focus.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coatings

DIAMONEX produces Diamond-Like Carbon and related coatings by both Ion Beam and RF Plasma deposition processes operating under vacuum at substrate temperatures typically <150°C. DLC coatings possess many of the extreme properties of diamond but do not have long-range crystal structure. Because of the lower substrate temperature used in DIAMONEX's DLC processes, glass and plastic components can be coated in addition to metals and ceramics. DIAMONEX utilizes technology for ion beam deposition which traces its origins to both the US and Former Soviet Union space programs.

Markets for Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings

Our products are typically sold into applications where the use of diamond and diamond-like materials allows significant performance enhancement, or where current materials are inadequate. The products do not usually compete on a cost basis, although there often are significant cost savings available to customers on a system-wide basis.

CVD Diamond

DIAMONEX produces true polycrystalline diamond by a hot filament chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process operating under vacuum at substrate temperatures of 900 °C to 1000 °C using a mixture of hydrogen and hydrocarbon gas. Uniform and continuous CVD diamond films up to 1.5mm thick are produced on substrates up to twelve inches (12") in diameter.

Applications for CVD Diamonds

The diamond may remain attached to the substrate or it can be subsequently removed, polished, metallized and laser cut into finished parts. Free-standing diamond sheets, engineered diamond components such as heat spreaders, and coated substrates, CMP pad conditioners, are typical products.

Intellectual Property and Patent Estate

DIAMONEX aggressively protects its proprietary technology through a combination of patents and trade secrets. We have received 38 patents or patents pending in the U.S. and almost as many foreign equivalents. These patents and patents pending cover a spectrum of compositions of matter, products by process, applications, and equipment.

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