Refractory Moldables, Adhesives and Cements

Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. produces a family of high-temperature specialty refractory mixes designed for a wide variety of applications.  Thermoseal® Refractory Specialties are technical refractory products formulated from various ores, materials and minerals in order to provide the ultimate in refractory service protection.

Thermoseal® Moldables

Designed for a wide variety of high-temperature uses, these moldables may be may be formed into shapes or linings, or spread into thin sections as coating and separating mediums used for patching refractory furnace linings or molten non-ferrous troughing and launder sections.

Thermoseal® Rigidizers

When applied to the surface of ceramic materials and other permeable products, these low viscosity liquids impart surface hardness and improve resistance to erosion.

Thermoseal® Tamping Mix

This product is good for use in forming lightweight and rigid insulating structures, such as boiler door linings, covers, hoods, and various furnace backup linings.

Thermoseal® Thermal Cements

A family of high-temperature cements excellent for use when placing gaskets and seals in wood and coal stoves, fireplaces and furnaces.

Thermoseal® Thermal Coatings

Applied by rolling, dipping or spraying, our thermal coatings can be used on materials which require surface hardening to protect against flame erosion, molten metal corrosion, and thermal spalling.

Source: Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.


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