Metrology, Surface Analysis, Measurement and Characterisation Facilities Available at CEMMNT


Micro and nanoscale measurement and characterisation accelerate development of new products from initial conceptualisation through to evaluation and testing of prototypes and manufacture of final devices. The Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies (CEMMNT) provides access to equipment and expertise to accelerate product commercialisation as illustrated by the following examples.  

CEMMNT provide single point of access to comprehensive measurement, characterisation and surface analysis services from our team of world leading partners. Harnessing multi-disciplinary expertise, we can solve your challenges, from single measurements to bespoke development projects. We always strive to fully understand the applications challenge of the client providing multi - technique solutions when required. Crucially, we pride ourselves on providing easy access to all our techniques with a rapid response service.

Measurement Capabilities Available at CEMMNT

CEMMNT’s measurement techniques range from atomic and molecular resolution microscopy tools to large sample / scan size dimensional metrology techniques to measure complex shapes and structures.  We recognise the importance of applying the correct data analysis approaches to extract the information you require on form, roughness, film thickness, particle size and morphology and more.

Figure 1. DVD laser focusing lens, optical profilometry.

Characterisation and Surface Analysis Services Available at CEMMNT

CEMMNT’s characterisation and service analysis techniques include elemental and chemical identification techniques, compositional depth profiling and determination of stress, modulus, friction, conductivity and a raft of optical properties. We additionally employ standard laboratory approaches including chromatography, calorimetry, and spectroscopy techniques to complement micro and nanoscale analysis approaches.

Figure 2. Ibuprofen, Micro-Raman Spectroscopy.

Whatever industry sector you work in, we can provide solutions to your measurement, characterisation and analytical challenges.

Source: The Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies (CEMMNT)

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