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Metalweb is a leading UK aluminium stockholder and aims to provide a 100% on-time delivery and quality product both for day-to-day requirements and long term contracts. We carry out four key roles in the supply chain that help our customers to perform more cost-effectively:

  • we hold stock
  • we carry out first stage processing
  • we have no minimum quantity
  • we maintain traceability

To help achieve these roles Metalweb has one of the largest ranges of aluminium products in all alloys (including plate, sheet, bar, tube and other extruded products) carried in stock. This means we can often provide 24 hour delivery with fully certified material when required.

Large Round Bar

Metalweb stock a range of large round bar:

  • In diameters up to 500mm
  • In lengths from 15mm to 4000m in length
  • In both metric and imperial dimensions

Aluminium Alloys

Large round bar is available from Metalweb in standard aluminium alloys such as

  • Aluminium alloy 2011
  • Aluminium alloy 2014
  • Aluminium alloy 6063
  • Aluminium alloy 6082
  • Aluminium alloy 7075

Metalweb also can supply large round bar in specialist aluminium alloys such as

  • Aluminium alloy 2024
  • Aluminium alloy 2618
  • Aluminium alloy 5083
  • Aluminium alloy 6061

Aluminium 2011

Aluminium 2011, also known as the “free machining alloy”, machines to an excellent finish. It often replaces free machining brass without a change of tooling. The first choice for screw machined parts unless higher strength or more corrosion resistance is required. Aluminium 2011 contains lead and bismuth consequently losing popularity to alternatives.

Aluminium 2014

Aluminium 2014 has a tendency to allow the removal of a greater volume of metal in a single operation for an equivalent standard of finish than 6082. Durability, however, is lower and it needs a protective coating. Machines better in solution treated condition than fully heat treated. Used for machined parts where these characteristics are critical. It is also the most common aerospace extrusion alloy.

Aluminium 6063

Aluminium 6063 is a low to medium strength alloy suitable for more intricate sections requiring good corrosion resistance and high surface finish. It is used in transport and all architectural applications where good anodising characteristics are essential. It is the most common alloy for shapes from stock.

Aluminium 6082

Aluminium 6082 is the most versatile of all the medium strength aluminium alloys with good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, weldability and machinability. It is the most common commercial rod and bar alloy from stock. Metalweb have the largest range available.

Aluminium 7075

Aluminium 7075 is a very high strength aircraft alloy displaying good machinability and hardness. It is not suited for welding or corrosion resistant applications.

Aluminium 2024

Aluminium 2024 is a high strength alloy with excellent machinability widely used in aircraft. It has limited formability and only fair corrosion resistance in the heat treated condition. It is not recommended for fusion welding. Typical applications include high strength parts in aircraft and machinery, including gears and bolts and for security vans where strength is critical.

Aluminium 2618

Aluminium 2618 is a copper and magnesium containing aluminum alloy. It can be readily machined. It can be worked both hot and cold and it is typically used to aircraft engines.

Aluminium 5083

Aluminium 5083 is stronger than other 5XXX series aluminium alloys such as 5005, 5052, 5251 and 5754. It is used for high strength welded applications with outstanding joint strength – rail wagons, marine components, bridges, stationary cryogenic vessels and overhead cranes. It exhibits excellent weldability and corrosion resistance. Static welded strength is second only to 5754 and 5083 is superior to 5754 in energy absorption. It is restricted to temperatures below 150ºF = 65.5ºC.

Aluminium 6061

Aluminium Alloy 6061 is the standard structural alloy. It can be easily welded or brazed with fine finishing characteristics and exhibits good corrosion resistance. It is similar to 6082 with better formability but more difficult to extrude and possessing lower strength. It is used for couplings, hardware, hydraulic pistons, etc.

Services and Processing

In order to minimise inventory, scrap and to maximise throughput rates, advanced engineering companies demand material to be supplied in exact quantities, just-in-time and in a form and length that is near to final shape.

Metalweb normally stocks bar lengths of 3 metres or 4 metres, but a number of items are held and supplied in longer lengths. In addition Metalweb are pleased to stock items in special lengths to suit individual customer requirements.

Metalweb operate a range of bar saws which are capable of cutting any size of extruded bar. Normally bars are cut to a tolerance of ±0.5mm but close tolerance cutting of bars up to 250mm is possible. Use of CNC controlled, automatic, high speed circular saws which can cut to ±0.1mm and produce a much superior finish.

Metalweb also offer a circle/disc and ring cutting service and has specialist cutting equipment in-house to produce these items.

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