Certified Food Package Coatings for Kosher Applications

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Image Credit: Trong Nguyen/Shutterstock.com

Food packaging is what keeps the food we buy from the grocery shelves fresh and unspoiled. All manner of foodstuffs and beverages including produce, fish, meat, dairy, bakery items, nuts, snack foods, candy; as well as those in cans are all packaged with freshness, protection, consumer appeal and convenience in mind.

Michelman's Proven Track Record in the Package Coating Industry

Michelman is a company with nearly 70 years’ experience in the package coating industry and, has developed a global reputation as a true pioneer. Founded in 1949 in Cincinnati, Ohio, it was the first company to develop water-based, repulpable/ recyclable coatings in the 1960s. Today, it provides a complete range of FDA-compliant packaging from corrugated boxes used to ship produce, meat, and fish, to paper plate coatings, and film coatings for snack food bags. An important arm of its business is developing kosher coatings for food packaging.

Kosher Coatings for Food Packaging

Common packaging materials such as paper, film, foil and metal all require coatings that ensure the food products they protect are shippable, and keep them fresh and attractive on the store’s shelves. With kosher coatings requiring a further set of criteria, a concerted effort is required to meet stringent and consistently enforced regulations to make them truly kosher.

Certified Kosher Food Packaging Solutions from Michelman

With Michelman's expert materials and resources, they can formulate coatings for packaging that are completely and confidently kosher. So as to ensure the integrity of the process it developed, Michelman made the decision to attain kosher certification from an independent authority.

Gaining Kosher Certification for Food Package Coatings

Being at the forefront of kosher supervision, the Orthodox Union (OU) was chosen as Michelman’s koshering agency. The OU has maintained the highest standards of supervision for almost 90 years and has certified more than 1,000,000 products. It is regarded the world over as the most trusted kosher symbol.

From our first contact with the OU, the level of professionalism and technical knowledge was obvious. The OU and our Rabbinic Coordinator, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg made the process of koshering certification very smooth. While they were impressed with our manufacturing facilities, they were able to offer great suggestions on how to improve our processes.

Dr. John Michelman, Chairman.

Working closely with the OU has allowed Michelman to further develop and expand our availability of kosher certified products.  Michelman’s line of OU-certified kosher food package coating solutions gives our customer’s complete assurances of compliance while meeting exacting standards.

Dr. Anna Shanklin, Michelman’s, Regulatory Food Expert.

Michelman’s process means brand owners can be confident of the kosher status of their food products.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Michelman.

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