Biomedical Sample Preparation and Examination Solutions

Technology is on the forefront of medicine, producing innovative lifesaving and life-enhancing products. Whether the application is for orthodontic, orthopedic or cardiovascular needs, you can count on Buehler to deliver high-quality laboratory specimen preparation equipment and imaging products. Our company serves pharmaceutical, medical device, surgical appliance and instrument manufacturers.

Solutions for the Biomedical Industry

Buehler assists customers that work with a wide array of medical materials which include shape memory alloys, ceramics, stainless steels, polymers, titanium and nitinol in various stages of manufacturing. These materials may be coated to increase wear resistance, reduce corrosion, or to enhance bonding while reducing the body’s chance for post surgical infection and implant rejection. It is imperative that all coatings remain intact and free of damage when preparing a sample for microanalysis. Buehler provides the preparation equipment, image analysis system, consumables and methodology to analyze your specimens.

Biomedical Sample Preparation and Examination Solutions

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Many prominent hospital and research institutions do work with thin sections for micro-radiography or for microstructure studies. With our equipment you can prepare a biomaterial containing an implant, 100 microns or less, with Buehler’s knowledgeable technical support. Additionally, degeneration or regeneration of bone, penetration of tumors and the like, or ingrowths of tissue into porous implants may be observed for information.

Buehler offers a full line of abrasive and precision sectioning saws and wafering blades each designed to perform a specific function. Choosing the proper blade is important to obtain an excellent surface on biomaterial, ferrous materials or non metallic materials. Once your specimen is properly sectioned and mounted choose from our full line of grinders/polishers that can be fully automated to meet the most demanding laboratory requirements. Whether it is microstructure analysis, hardness testing, image capture or full image analysis, Buehler can meet your requirements with our OmniMet® Image Analysis System.

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