Bubble Alumina Properties and Applications - Duralum AB

DURALUM® AB is an electric arc furnace product made from high purity Bayer process alumina. Product chemistry is similar to that of white aluminum oxide. Bubbles are formed from molten alumina, resulting in hollow spheres of low bulk density.

Applications of DURALUM® AB

DURALUM® AB, bubble alumina, is used in the production of lightweight insulating refractories where low thermal conductivity, and high temperature properties are the prime requirements. DURALUM® AB is also used effectively for loose-fill refractories.

Typical Chemical Analysis of DURALUM® AB

Typical chemical analysis of DURALUM® AB is descibed in the table below.

Chemical Composition
Al2O3 (by difference) 99.20%
SiO2 0.60%
Fe2O3 0.02%
Na2O 0.15%
CaO 0.01%
Other Oxides 0.02%

Typical Physical Properties of DURALUM® AB

Typical physical properties of DURALUM® AB are provided in the following table.

Physical Property Specification
Crystallography Alpha alumina, in the hexagonal crystal system
Color White
Shape Spherical shaped hollow bubbles
Average crystal size 2,500 microns, no matrix

Sizes Available

DURALUM® AB Bubble Alumina is available in the following grit sizes:

Standard: 4 / 10, 6 / 10, 10 / 20, 14 / 40, 20 / 36, 36 / F
Additional Sizes: 4 / 6, 4 / F, 6 / F, 10 / F, 20 / F

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