Precise Measurements of Thickness And Uniformity of Blanket And Patterned Metal Films Using SurfaceWave Technology

Semilab designs, produces and sells metrology equipment for the characterization of semiconductor and photovoltaic materials, for monitoring the manufacturing process of semiconductor devices and solar cells, and also for R&D purposes in these areas. Semilab offers a variety of measurement techniques; most of them are non-contact and non-destructive. Many of Semilab's technologies can be flexibly integrated in different platforms, ranging from simple handheld devices and table-top systems with high resolution mapping capability to fully automated stand-alone production control tools for mid-range and high-level fablines. Semilab also offers in-line measurements for solar cell production lines.

SurfaceWace Process from Semilab

The SurfaceWave™ process uses two lasers to create an acoustic wave which travels across the surface of a metal or dielectric film. This process provides precise measurements of the thickness and uniformity of blanket and patterned metal films, including barrier/seed layer thicknesses, providing timely information for the control of copper-based processes.

Effectiveness of SurfaceWave on Variety of Metallic Materials

It is effective on a variety of metallic materials involved in the semiconductor manufacturing process, including aluminum, cobalt, copper, tantalum, tantalum nitride, tungsten titanium, and titanium nitride. The process has become a proven metrology technique for pre- and post-CMP applications, measuring Damascene structures, plus CVD, PVD, and ECD process control.

SurfaceWave Metrology Tool from Semilab

The Semilab AMS SurfaceWave metrology tool is the AMS 3300

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Semilab Semiconductor Physics Laboratory.

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