Chrome Alumina - Applications and Properties

Virgin, high purity fused Chrome Alumina grain. Washington Mills has the ability to vary the Cr2O3 content from 0.1% up to 99+%.

Applications of Chrome Alumina

Fused, high purity Chrome Alumina is used in specialty product applications where a high resistance to corrosion is desirable. Uses include:

  • gasifiers
  • incinerators
  • fiber glass furnaces
  • refractory shapes

requiring resistance to molten slags and glasses.

Typical Physical Properties of Chrome Alumina

Following table describes the typical physical properties of Chrome Alumina

Physical Property Specification
Color Ruby to Dark Green

Sizes Available

Chrome Alumina is available in the following grit sizes from Washington Mills:

10" / Finer

Other Sizes Available Upon Request.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Washington Mills.

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