Cordierite – Properties and Applications

Cordierite is a magnesium alumina silicate with chemical formula Mg2Al4Si5O18. It is normally used for applications that required high temperatures and are subject to thermal shock or require low thermal expansion materials, such as kiln furniture.

Cordierite Sheet

Figure 1. Cordierite Sheet

Multi-Lab offers two grades of cordierite (Figure 1) described in more detail in the following sections. They are porous cordierite, C511 and vitreous cordierite, C51.

In order to use Porous Cordierite, very high thermal shock resistance is needed, along with hundreds or even thousands of rapid cooling and heating cycles.

Porous cordierite

Figure 2. Porous cordierite

Key Properties

The main properties of Porous Cordierite (Figure 2) are that it comprises magnesium aluminium silicate, has porous material structure , has a low mechanical strength, exhibits an increased resistance to thermal shock and has a low linear expansion.


The key applications of Porous Cordierite are kiln furniture, pillars, saggers, kiln construction, element feed throughs and terminals, high voltage at high temperature electrical terminals, industrial fuse bodies, burner nozzles and expansion bars for thermostats.

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