Recycling Spent Abrasive Materials

Abrasive materials are commonly employed in manufacturing processes. They are often used in finishing operations to create desired surface finishes, removal of rust, corrosion, paint and other surface finishes or even excess materials.

Abrasive materials are typically very hard and chemically stable and while they can be disposed of, they will not break down like other materials like biodegradable plastics or even steel.

Advantages of Recycling

The benefits of recycling are listed below:

  • Landfill costs are eliminated: By sending spent abrasive material to a landfill, the company incurs a cost; the process is time consuming as well as a liability to the company. It is expected that landfill regulations will continue to increase in both cost and complexity in the future. By recycling with Washington Mills, it is possible to save money that may be otherwise spent on landfilling material.
  • Helps free the company from disposal responsibilities: Every landfill shipment is a potential future claim against the company as the name of the company will be on that disposal forever. By recycling, the company is saved from damaging landfill liabilities.
  • Save Time: Recycling with Washington Mills helps save valuable time. Spent material can be picked up without the need of additional paperwork. Transport time needed for landfill disposal is almost eliminated.
  • Green the supply chain: It is important for suppliers to show companies that they are contributing to the environment. By recycling with Washington Mills, the supply chain is considered eco-friendly, waste is minimized in the manufacturing process and costs are controlled.
  • Recycle with the Only Closed Loop Recycler of Aluminum Oxide: Washington Mills is the only North American manufacturer of aluminum oxide with the furnace capacity and expertise for conversion of spent aluminum oxide into high quality fused aluminum oxide. With over ten years of experience in fusing recycled aluminum oxide, Washington Mills is an ideal choice for a completely closed loop process that recycles 100% of the spent material.

About Washington Mills

Washington Mills is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of abrasive materials and fused mineral products. As the largest producer in North America with sales and manufacturing facilities around the world, our capabilities are unrivaled in the industry. We offer a rich array of abrasive grains and specialty electro-fused minerals. From macro grits to micro grits, to custom specialty fusions, our fused materials are used around the world in hundreds of different industries and applications.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Washington Mills.

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