Gallium Indium Phosphide - GaInP (GaxIn1-xP) Semiconductors

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Indium gallium phosphide, also called as gallium indium phosphide, is a semiconductor material composed of phosphorus, gallium and indium. It is an alloy of gallium phosphide and indium phosphide. Gallium indium phosphide has a tendency to grow as an ordered material rather than a truly random alloy.


Gallium indium phosphide is used in high-power and high-frequency electronics owing to its superior electron velocity with respect to the other common semiconductors gallium arsenide or silicon.

It is mainly used in high-electron-mobility transistor and heterojunction bipolar transistor, and also in the fabrication of high efficiency solar cells used for space applications.

Other applications of gallium indium phosphide include semiconductor lasers such as vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for plastic optical fibers and high energy junction on double and triple junction photovoltaic cells.

Chemical Properties

The chemical properties of gallium indium phosphide are provided in the table below:

Chemical Properties
Chemical Formula InGaP
Group Indium – 13
Gallium – 13
Phosphorus - 15
Crystal Structure Zinc Blende
Symmetry Group Td2-F43m
Lattice Constant 5.653 Å

Electrical Properties

The electrical properties of gallium indium phosphide are provided in the table below:

Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant 11.8
Electron Affinity 4.1 eV

Thermal, Mechanical and Optical Properties

The thermal, mechanical and optical properties of gallium indium phosphide are provided in the tables below:

Thermal Properties
Specific Heat Capacity 0.31+0.12x J g-1°C-1
Mechanical Properties
Density 4.81-0.67x g/cm3
Melting Point 220°C
Bulk Modulus (7.11+1.71x)•1011 dyn/cm2
Surface Microhardness (x=0) 460 kg/mm2
Young's Modulus (6.11+4.19x) x 1011 dyn/cm2
Poisson Ratio 0.36-0.05x
Optical Properties
Refractive Index 3.72

Safety Information

Safety Information
Risk Phrases R36 - Irritating to eyes
R37 - Irritating to respiratory system.
Safety Phrases S2 - Keep out of the reach of children
S20 - When using do not eat or drink
S24 - Avoid contact with skin
S25 - Avoid contact with eyes.


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