Super Strength Copper Nickel Silicon Alloy

Trojan is an exceptionally high strength copper nickel silicon alloy specially developed for providing an exclusive blend of physical and mechanical properties for high-performance engineering.

Trojan obtains its excellent strength characteristics from a finely dispersed precipitate of Ni2Si developed from a well-controlled manufacturing process. It offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance with good thermal and electrical properties.

Trojan is stored in the complete heat-treated condition to increase the material’s mechanical strength. Hence TROJAN offers strength levels that can be compared to a number of bolting, stainless steels, and alloys. The proof strength is 90% when compared to the UTS while they retain a high hardness level and good ductility. These characteristics combined with high anti-friction properties and high wear resistance offer excellent bearing properties under high loading.

Trojan has around 1% more nickel when compared to the Colisbro material and its high copper content is sufficient to ensure that an attractive electrical and thermal conductivity value is maintained. The high thermal conductivity combined with a resistance to softening up to ~300°C, its inherent wear resistance and high mechanical strength levels makes sure that Trojan is ideal for demanding engine bearings along with conventional uses such as valve seats, valve guides, and gears.

It is possible to readily fabricate Trojan by hot or cold forming and machining. It can be also brazed, soldered and welded by traditional TIG and MIG methods and also is resistance weldable. This wonderful property combination makes sure that Trojan is an excellent choice not just technically but also cost-effectively when compared to many other alternative materials.

Composition (%)

The composition of Trojan alloy is given below:

Element Percentage
Nickel, Ni 2.6 to 4.5
Silicon, Si 0.8 – 1.3
Copper, Cu Remaining

Key Features of Trojan Alloy

The main features of Trojan alloy are:

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Extremely high strength
  • Excellent galling resistance and wear
  • Very low magnetic permeability
  • High general corrosion resistance
  • Superior bearing properties
  • Spark resistant
  • Excellent dimensional stability and machinability
  • Excellent low temperature mechanical properties

Mechanical Properties (Specification Minima)

The mechanical properties of Trojan alloy are given below:

  ≤30mm dia 30< dia ≤60mm 60< dia ≤80mm
Ultimate Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 800 690 690
0.2% Proof Strength (N/mm2) 750 570 570
Elongation (%) 10 10 10
Hardness (HB) 200 200 190

Typical Physical Properties (as delivered)

The physical properties of Trojan alloy are given below:

Density (g/cm3) 8.8
Melting Range (°C) 1060 - 1085
Thermal conductivity (20°C - W/m°K) 159
Coeff. Thermal Exp. (0-400°C - m/m°K x 10-6) 16.0
Electrical Conductivity (I.A.C.S.) 30
Magnetic Permeability


The corrosion resistance is classed as very good in industrial and marine environments. Similar to the Colisbro alloy it offers good corrosion resistance in both freshwater and seawater, has a high resistance to wet sulfurous atmospheres and is not subject to hydrogen embrittlement. Trojan has good cryogenic properties and low magnetic permeability and is a very good choice for demanding marine and industrial applications that include subsea connectors and non-magnetic instrumentation both above and below the waterline.

Some of the applications of Trojan alloy are listed below:

  • Offshore & Marine: Shear pins, downhole tools, hydraulic valve bodies, shear pins, pump components, and ball valves, components requiring high cryogenic properties, mechanical seals, low magnetic permeability and spark resistance.
  • Other: Nonmagnetic tooling, friction pads, plastic mold tooling, and fiber optic connectors.
  • Electrical: current-carrying electrical components such as squirrel cages, slip rings, rotary switch contacts, springs, contact blades, short-circuit rings, heavy-duty switchgear.
  • Automotive: valve guides, bushes, valve seats.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Columbia Metals.

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