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Developments in Environmental Isolation Solutions

Reid Whitney, Director of Sales and Marketing at Herzan, talks to AZoM about developments in environmental isolation solutions.

Can you provide me with a brief summary on Herzan and the industry sector this company works within?

Herzan specializes in providing environmental solutions to the precision research industry. These solutions range from spectral analysis tools to environmental isolation systems, enabling researchers the ability to understand their environment while maximizing the potential and effectiveness of their instruments.

Herzan supports numerous industries that operate with research equipment requiring precision; such as the Biotechnology, Semiconductor, Materials Analysis industries and many more.

What techniques does this company focus on?

Herzan focuses on techniques that deliver exact environmental solutions for any research requirement. Understanding the needs of each researcher and their unique specialty help assist in articulating the optimal environmental solution needed.

Working towards a cohesive design plan with the customer to maximize performance and applicability of the environmental solution is the primary goal and Herzan’s various customer service techniques help ensure that goal is met.

As a provider of high performance environmental solutions for precision research instruments, can you describe the main products that you design and develop?

Herzan takes a complete approach to addressing environmental concerns for research instruments. Regardless of the laboratory environment and its imposing influence on the clarity of data being retrieved, Herzan has a solution available to completely isolate the instrument, allowing for ideal operating conditions.

Herzan’s primary product lines include research-grade active vibration isolation systems, high-performance acoustic isolation solutions, high-value passive vibration isolation tables, custom active and passive EMI Cancellation systems, and mobile spectral analysis tools. Herzan also designs custom environmental solutions that uniquely tailor to a customer’s research application.

Active vibration control system by Herzan.

Active vibration control system by Herzan.

What are the main research areas that you focus on?

Herzan focuses on identifying optimal isolation materials and procedures that will most effectively improve the data retrieved by researchers. Each isolation component and dampening material are carefully selected to maximize isolation performance under all environmental conditions.

Herzan also researches methods to improve the customer experience with its products, imparting new service features that make the installation, every-day-use, and maintenance of Herzan products seamless and uncomplicated.

How do you plan on utilizing vibration, acoustic and/or EMI isolation products to advance maximizing the resolution of instruments in nanotechnology?

The necessity for vibration, acoustic, and EMI isolation products is evident in the results of the advanced work being performed within the precision research industry. Researchers continue to push the limits of high-resolution microscopes, whereby raising the level of sensitivity to environmental noise, causing a broader need for environmental solutions. Herzan is cognisant of these requirements and works closely with end-users to plan exact environmental solutions to maximize the quality of data retrieved.

What will be the major challenges with this implementation process?

The challenges to implementing an exact environmental solution for a customer’s environment are understanding the conditions of an environment and how it may change over time. With new instruments being installed, external noise sources being introduced, and upgrade features fluctuating the requirements of instruments, the environmental solution can evolve over time.

Luckily, Herzan’s line of products are well equipped to adapt to such fluctuations in environmental conditions, enabling for an iterative design process should one be required.

How can you ensure that your instrumentation will maintain maximum resolution and effectiveness without being affected by unknown environmental factors?

Every isolation system has a degree of consistency and variability and it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to optimize these factors. Herzan’s line of environmental solutions share a high degree of reliability and persistent performance, enabling the researcher to feel comforted that its effectiveness will not degrade over time due to minor disturbances within an environment.

Can you discuss the functional principle to your Piezo-Inspired Active Vibration Isolation Technology?

Herzan’s active vibration isolation products utilize a series of piezoelectric sensors and actuators to provide a dynamic, highly attenuated top surface. The piezo-sensors and actuators sense vibrations at the top surface in all six degrees of freedom (all modes of vibration), allowing for immediate vibration attenuation.

The design principle of having the sensors focus on the table’s top surface rather than the ground enables the platform to not only compensate for ground vibrations, but vibrations imparted by the instrument itself.

What are the key features to this next-generation technology?

The active vibration isolation technology provides a combination of accessibility, usability, and performance that is unique to Herzan’s range of active vibration isolation products.

The primary features of Herzan’s active vibration isolation products are:

  • Sub-herz active vibration isolation in all six degrees of freedom
  • Automatic load adjustment (TS Series)
  • Internal feedback loop damping all mechanical resonances
  • No low frequency resonances and no air required
  • No persistent maintenance and minimal installation required
  • Low profile, with modular/scalable models available (AVI Series)
  • 500 times stiffer than most passive systems.

What parameters will be measured by this technology and how does this compare to the standard instrumentation currently being used for the same purpose?

Herzan’s active vibration isolation technology senses all six modes of vibration dynamically, continuously compensating for varying vibration conditions being introduced into the environment. Due to this dynamic attenuation, Herzan’s active vibration isolation systems provide the most complete and adaptive isolation performance in the market.

This mode of isolation is not found in other forms of vibration isolation technology (i.e., air-based, spring-based, pneumatic-based, mechanical-based, etc.).

What are the areas of application for your products?

Herzan’s environmental solutions have a broad applicability within the precision research community, effectively addressing environmental needs for products and instruments sensitive to acoustic, vibration, and EMI noise.

Common areas of application include:

  • Materials Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor Fabrication and Research
  • Nanomechanics
  • Data Storage
  • Industrial Metrology.

Where do you currently supply your products from a geographical perspective?

Herzan has a global reach for its collection of products with local sales support found worldwide. Each sales support team is knowledgeable of the Herzan product line and shares the support principles Herzan imparts—ensuring the customer receives the exact solution for their application requirements.

Can you discuss how you see your technology developing and what may be the key driver for this over the next five years? 

Herzan’s core technologies are at the forefront of the environmental solutions industry, continuously evolving and improving to advance the usability, performance, and applicability of all products. These technologies set Herzan apart from its competitors, as customers will find the personalized approach to their environmental requirements invaluable in maximizing the effectiveness of their application and instrumentation.

Herzan’s collaborative process of defining solutions tailored to customer’s needs will continue to drive the technology advancement forward and increase the user experience now and into the future.

About Reid Whitney Reid Whitney

Reid Whitney started his career in the field of business analytics, focusing primarily on revenue optimization through targeting counterfeit goods. Reid has been involved in developing customized strategies to limit the impact of counterfeit goods on company’s’ revenue stream in many diverse industries.

Today Reid leads the business development activities for Herzan, primarily governing the sales and marketing strategies and elevating the user experience for customers.

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