Single Phase Materials Course - Marie Curie Summer School : Knowledge Based Materials

AZoM - Metals, Ceramics, Polymer and Composites : Single Phase Materials Course - Marie Curie Summer School : Knowledge Based Materials

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Each year, four summer schools, each lasting ten days will be held in four member states between 2005 and 2008. Each year, this school will provide forty young researchers (thirty fully funded by the EU) with insights into the similarities and differences between natural and manufactured materials. In particular these Summer Schools will help early career researchers overcome the fragmentation in observational techniques, experimental procedures, theoretical developments and simulation techniques that have thus far developed in parallel, but in relative isolation, amongst the disparate materials science communities. Having actively participated in this summer school, these researchers will become confident in drawing upon and incorporating developments from across the entire materials community, regardless of whether the information relates to natural or manufactured systems.

Each year world-class researchers from all domains of materials science will be brought together to cross the boundaries between research streams. The syllabus will use an integrated approach to materials, moving away from a tightly focused, materials-specific approach to the idea of a Materials Knowledge Lattice, where the three axes of Scale, Approach and Material encourage a cross-linked foundation for future research.

In order to provide a wider access to researchers in the European Union, to showcase the research skills of the participants and to capture the training materials prepared by the invited speakers, the teaching materials developed for this course will become available as a continuing Web Portal and CD-Rom resource from 2006. Each year the summer schools will focus on one class of problems, so that by the end of the series of comprehensive and integrated online resource will have been created that will provide the wider research community and non-technical audiences insight into this subject, which is of recognised importance to the future of the European Union.

Dates and Venue

The Marie Curie Summer School ‘Single Phase’ Materials course will be held from 8-17 August 2005, Huertgenwald, Germany in the heart of the Eifel.

Other Summer School Themes

         Stockholm Composites

         Toulouse Partial Melts & Amorphous Solids

         Strasbourg Hydrous & Porous Systems

Information regarding eligibility for EU support for attendance at one of these Summer Schools, and the Fees for non-eligible participants are available by clicking here.

Course Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Single Phase Materials course.

Day 1: Materials Science and Knowledge Based Materials: An overview (Jessell, LMTG, Toulouse)

Day 2: Microstructural Phenomena and Mechanisms I

a. Metals (Gottstein, IMM, RWTH, Aachen)

b. Rocks (Jessell)

Day 3: Field Trip, material science in nature (Urai, GED, RWTH, Aachen)

Day 4: Microstructural Phenomena and Mechanisms II

a. Ceramics (Rixecker, MPI-MF, Stuttgart)

b. Ice (Duval, LGGE, Grenoble)

c. Polymers (Lieberwirth, MPI-P, Mainz)

Day 5: Participant Poster Presentation

Day 6: Characterization of Chemistry and Microstructure

a. Microstructure: Materialography and Orientation Imaging (HKL Technology, Denmark)

b. Chemistry: Microprobe, EDX and Atom Probe

c. 3D-Imaging: Synchrotron Radiation (Klein, Goettingen)

Day 7: A Career in Science: Science and Society, Science Management, Scientific Communication (all lecturers)

Day 8: Modelling of Microstructure and Texture

a. Engineering Materials (Gottstein, IMM, RWTH Aachen)

b. Rocks (Jessell)

c. Ice (Duval)

Day 9: Applications and Properties of Single Phase Materials

a. Functional Materials: Electroceramics (Rixecker)

b. Structural Materials: Steels (Ponge, MPI-E, Duesseldorf)

c. Rocks: Tectonics (Urai, Jessell)

d. Functional Polymers (Lieberwirth)

e. Ice Cores & Glaciers (Duval)

Day 10: Open Discussion: The Future of Materials Science and Future Materials


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