The Thermo Scientific ARL SMS-2500 system is compact and easy to install. It implements the latest automation technologies to exceed the expectations of modern steelworks laboratories. The ARL SMS-2500 system is manufactured and maintained according to ISO 9001-2000 procedures.

The ARL SMS-2500 system is a single spectrometer automation solution based on the Thor automation platform common to all Thermo Scientific SMS products, including the ARL SMS-3500 system for twin OES and XRF spectrometer automation.


The ARL SMS-2500 system includes a FANUC robot, which uses a medium size industrial robot standing on a chassis linked to the ARL Metals Analyzer. The robot has an arm length of 902 mm with gripper and 6 moving axes. Metallic samples and standards of up to 3 kg can be moved with excellent precision being the measured repeatability of ± 0.03 mm. Minimum maintenance is required as the ARL SMS-2500 system robot makes use of high precision, brushless AC-Servo motors and internal cabling. Minimum floor space is needed for the complete system to operate while the short distances between the various components ensure fast operation without compromising accessibility for service and maintenance.

The ARL SMS-2500 system robot can directly access the sample preparation machine to save time. The SMS robot accesses the preparation machine for direct sample pick-up and placement through a separate side door. For maintenance or semi-automatic operation, the machine can be accessed through the front door, avoiding having to switch off the robotic system.

Key Features

The salient features of the ARL SMS-2500 include:

  • Increased performance - The ARL SMS-2500 system offers reduced sample turnaround times by a tighter integration of sample preparation and new sample processing capabilities.
  • Opportunity for steel sector - The system is capable of performing precise analytical quality control for the steel industry.
  • Increased efficiency – Preparation and analysis of samples are done at a quick, sustainable and predictable rate without the intervention of the operator. Analysis and operation costs are reduced consistently.
  • Qualified laboratory personnel can be relieved from routine duties.
  • Higher analysis repeatability and quality – Mistakes, human variables, subjective factors impacting analysis results and downtime are eliminated.
  • Spectrometer monitoring and control is an integral part of the automatic system and is applied systematically. The system even supports the most complex analysis procedures and applies them without the need for any operator intervention.
  • Smoother production flows with highly efficient quality control tools cut manufacturing costs. The critical phases of production are monitored more effectively, hence enabling commitments to be given for compliance with more stringent product specifications.
ARL SMS-2500 Robotics-based Automation for OES | Thermo Scientific

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