5960 Dual Column Tabletop Universal Testing Systems from Instron

5960 Dual Column Tabletop Testing Systems are engineered for precision, built for durability, and offer the flexibility for changing requirements. They are designed with standard and optional features that increase testing efficiency and improve the testing experience for the operator. Dual column systems are multi-purpose instruments that are commonly used for plastics, metals, rubber materials, automotive components, composites, and non-ambient temperature applications.
The versatility of the 5960 Dual Column Tabletop Systems lends itself to a wide range of testing environments and requirements. Models are available that offer extended crosshead travel or an extra wide test space. The 5 kN 5965 model features a maximum speed of 3000 mm/min and an even greater return speed of 3200 mm/min. This is a significant advantage when performing high-volume testing or when testing elastomeric materials with high elongations.


  • Load measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading down to 1/500 of load cell capacity (2580 Series load cells)
  • Up to 1 kHz data acquisition rate simultaneous on load, extension, and strain channels
  • Speed range of 0.001 - 3000 mm/min (0.00004 -120 in/min), depending on the model
  • Customizable Control Panel
  • Compatible with Bluehill® Software
  • Automatic transducer recognition for load cells and extensometers
  • Extra height and width options available
  • Thousands of optional grips and fixtures
  • Full CE compliance

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