ARL QUANT’X Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer is easier to operate, more efficient and less expensive to own, providing Researchers and Manufacturers across a variety of applications a modern instrument capable of solving their most challenging analytical tasks.

Any analyst can now take advantage of:

  • Sensitivity from < 1 ppm up to 100%
  • Sample imaging with CCD camera
  • Many options for sample presentation
  • Versatile XRF application software
  • Layer and thickness analysis
  • Multi-language support
  • Measurement times 10-60 sec per element
  • Compact footprint and easy mobility
  • Adjustable X-ray beam size from 1 to 15 mm
  • Fully customizable and upgradeable on-site
  • Easy to install and even easier to maintain
  • UniQuant™ for superior standard-less analysis
  • Low noise thanks to cooling-on-demand fan speed
  • Rapid elemental analysis from Fluorine to Uranium
  • Mechanical durability for trouble-free operation
  • Optional TRACEcom for effortless interfacing with LIMS
  • High-end silicon drift detector (SDD) with thermoelectric cooling

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer, with input from customers and advice from specialists, has become a complete package that comprises of established hardware and an all-inclusive software in a robust design – all backed by on-site method development by experts or pre-installed applications. An experienced as well as responsive service organization guarantees the instrument uptime. With Thermo Scientific expertise in dozens of successful XRF applications all the analyst needs to worry about is the next analytical challenge.

Building on Proven Success

The ARL QUANT’X has a long standing reputation as the reference in EDXRF. Ever since its launch, the ARL QUANT’X has implemented new technologies in order to enhance EDXRF performance. Originally launched with the world’s first Peltier cooled Si(Li) detector, this benchtop EDXRF instrument has developed into a versatile, compact and high performing instrument. At its core sits a latest generation silicon drift detector (SDD) attached to a fast CMOS ASIC pre-amplifier combining high count rates with excellent resolutions. The large detector area ensures a big solid angle that maimizes the capture of X-rays produced by the sample. Efficient excitation is allowed by a high power X-ray tube of 50 watts even when using collimator masks down to 1 mm or when analyzing small samples. The nine primary beam filters help in finding the optimal excitation condition in a simple manner. The ARL QUANT’X allows for analysis in air, vacuum and helium ensuring optimal light element analysis for any type of sample; be it loose powder, solid or liquid.

Improved Performance

Compared to its predecessor, a combination of improved electronics, improved X-ray tube, a new detector and also an optimized geometry has advanced the sensitivity of the new ARL QUANT’X. Besides enhanced sensitivity, spectral purity is also considered to be equally important when determining trace elements. The ARL QUANT’X is carefully designed in order to eradicate all stray lines from analysis chamber, detector electronics, optics and X-ray tube.

The ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer usually works at an incoming count rate of more than 200 Kcps while maintaining a typical resolution of 140 eV FWHM at Mn Ka. This assures high counting statistics at short measurement times leading to more accurate results than ever before.

Calibration curve for CaO in glass. Good linearity even at high count rate.

Calibration curve for CaO in glass. Good linearity even at high count rate.

While improving on performance the ARL QUANT'X benefits from a smaller footprint which will fit in any lab. It just needs a standard power outlet - and helium when that atmosphere is needed. The Peltier cooled SDD starts working just few minutes after the instrument has been plugged in.

Safety First

Safety is considered to be extremely important when working with X-rays. On the ARL QUANT’X safety is guaranteed by an interlock based fail-safe circuit design and a clear illuminated warning sign when X-rays are on. In between measurements and when the chamber lid is opened, the X-ray tube is completely switched off which further increases the operator’s safety. The ARL QUANT’X is compliant with the most recent strict international safety rules and norms in that respect.

Enhanced Analytical Software

The newest WinTrace analytical software operates under Windows 10 and opens the door to the inherent flexibility of EDXRF, using enhanced algorithms and practices perfected through years of experience and research. Collect and process up to nine filtered spectra per sample for any number of analytes, then apply one of several analytical algorithms and include as many or as few calibration standards as desired; even one can be sufficient. Spectra can always be reprocessed and recalculated off-line after being collected. Automatic X-ray power adjustment ensures that any sample – be it air filter, metal, slag, oil or rock – will be analyzed using its own unique optimal setting.

Simple and User-Friendly

In a digital world, even the most advanced hardware would be limited without flexible software designed to take complete advantage of it. The Method Explorer interface provides advanced users with access to every single parameter in order to obtain the highest throughput, selectivity and sensitivity in any application. By just clicking on a periodic table, one can add or remove elements. A tree-type interface can be used to review calibrations and results. For common applications, users can build their own methods from templates. The Standards Library offers a database centralizing all data on standards, reference materials and sample compositions.

Ease-of-use and speed are critical in an industrial environment, while full control and fine-tuning are vital to the spectroscopist. WinTrace enables setting up shortcuts with the desired method already preloaded. The operator will only have to enter the sample name and then click the Analyze button. Spectra and results are automatically saved into the method after being measured. All analysis data is easily stored in one location.

Spectrum Evaluation

Accurate extraction of peak intensities from the spectra is considered to be vital first step for any quantitative analysis. Advanced deconvolution algorithms allow correct extraction of net peak intensities from complicated spectra containing many element lines. Sum peaks and escape peaks are taken care of automatically. The pre-defined settings can be effortlessly customized for the most difficult cases and they also work for most applications.

WinTrace provides a clear overview of any calibration with easy access to individual data of every standard and unknown sample. The tree-type interface guides the user through the different steps of a typical EDXRF analysis.

WinTrace provides a clear overview of any calibration with easy access to individual data of every standard and unknown sample. The tree-type interface guides the user through the different steps of a typical EDXRF analysis.

Looking up the details of a measurement or evaluating a spectrum is straightforward using Method Explorer.

Looking up the details of a measurement or evaluating a spectrum is straightforward using Method Explorer.

Bulk and Layer Analysis

The WinTace software provides a suite of analytical algorithms capable of tackling any type of sample, be it coatings or pressed powders. Empirical algorithms provide exceptional results when sufficient standards are available and the number of quantifiable elements is limited. Fundamental parameters (FP) algorithms work with any number of standards, elements and excitation conditions. The software corrects for unmeasured compounds and analyte stoichiometry. The FP thickness analysis module measures mass, thickness and composition of up to six layers comprising of any number of elements. It is possible to recalculate all equations off-line, allowing for effortless method optimization.

Password Controlled Access Level

Calibration methods have a password protection option which ensures that the operator can use the method without accidently changing valuable data or calibration parameters. Different user levels are also offered by WinTrace; an improved mode allows complete control of the instrument and its calibration parameters while an entry level mode allows for swift sample analysis needing only little training.

Data Transfer

Interfacing WinTrace with a LIMS is simple with the optional TRACEcom package, which allows for sharing of analysis data in a user selectable format. This functionality enables incorporation of the ARL QUANT’X EDXRF spectrometer into the automated laboratory.


It is always considered to be more straightforward to use a software package when it is translated into the user’s own language. WinTrace for the ARL QUANT’X EDXRF is presently configurable in a number of built-in languages.

UniQuant™ Advanced Standard-Less Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s comprehensive semi-quantitative standard-less analysis method known as UniQuant employs pre-set voltage setting and all filters for optimal detection of all elements from fluorine to uranium. It generates the best possible profile of any unknown sample without optimization or user intervention. This complete spectral profile of the sample enables UniQuant to automatically correct for all possible background and overlap effects, which are particularly complex in energy-dispersive spectra.

  • Each sample’s unique physical properties, i.e. height, area and mass are included in the calculation
  • All elements are always analyzed
  • Air or helium atmosphere and also sample cup film absorption and impurities are corrected for
  • A wide range of selectable reporting formats and levels present the results clearly for different types of users
  • Long-term changes in X-ray tube output are corrected using the provided monitor samples

UniQuant standardless FP software allows analysis of any unknown sample.

UniQuant standardless FP software allows analysis of any unknown sample.

The ARL QUANT’X is completely pre-calibrated right out of the box and is ready to tackle the most complicated analytical tasks.

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