The New MP90 Melting Point System With Higher Throughput

The new MP90 Melting Point System has been optimized for completion of the most diverse tasks and the highest throughput. In addition to the many advantages offered by the Excellence Melting Point Systems – e.g. One Click™ and Video Recording – the MP90 has the following added advantages:

  • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples

The new Melting Point System is designed to achieve higher sample throughput allowing for simultaneous measurements of up to 6 samples. With the added advantage of shorter heating and cooling times, fast and cost-effective measurements are now possible with the new MP90 model.

  • Upgraded Specification

With an extended temperature range of up to 400°C, the melting point to inorganic materials (e.g., potassium dichromate, which has a high melting point), can be measure.

  • Upgraded Databases

An upgraded database to the MP90 instrument allows for the last 100 entries on substance data to be saved along with 60 measurement methods.

  • A wide range of accessories

The MP90 is supplied with an accessories box containing reference substances, tweezers, a double spatula, melting point capillaries, mortar and pestle and 5 innovative sample preparation tools.

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