Versatile Thermochemical Analyzer With Nanometer Resolution

The new TMA incorporates true, high quality Swiss precision mechanics. Offering nanometer resolution, it can measure the very slightest dimensional changes in samples.

The most important advantages of this versatile TMA instrument are:

  • Automatic liquid nitrogen cooling - simplifies operation and improves measurement reproducibility
  • Patented SDTA capability - guarantees high temperature accuracy and allows you to simultaneously measure thermal effects
  • Dynamic load TMA (DLTMA mode) - measures weak transitions and elasticity

Thermomechanical analysis measures the dimensional changes of a sample as a function of temperature and is a very interesting and complementary method to DSC that provides you with a large amount of additional information.

Features and Benefits:

The characteristic values and properties most frequently studied are:

  • expansion coefficients
  • glass transition temperatures
  • softening temperatures
  • solid-solid transitions
  • melting behavior
  • swelling behavior and
  • elastic behavior

The TMA/SDTA841e supports the following measurement modes:
  • Expansion
  • Penetration
  • Tension
  • Bending
  • Swelling

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