New State-of-the-Art High Pressure DSC 1 Scanning Calorimeter

High-pressure differential scanning calorimeters offer increased pressure, which influences all physical changes and chemical reactions when a change in volume takes place. It allows thermal effects under pressure to be examined - increase the reaction rate or shift evaporation to higher temperature. High-pressure differential scanning calorimeters are ideal for material testing, process development or quality control.

Key Features

The main features of the high pressure differential scanning calorimeter include:

  • Shorter analysis time - higher pressure and temperature speed up reactions
  • Better interpretation - the effects can be separated by suppressing vaporization
  • Measurements under process conditions - simulation of practical reaction environments
  • Higher gas concentrations enable the reaction rate of heterogeneous reactions with gases to be increased
  • Measurements under special atmospheres such as oxidative, oxygen-free measurements or conditions containing toxic or combustible gases are possible
  • Sturdy sensor with high resolution and excellent sensitivity enable outstanding temperature resolution of close-lying effects, and measurement of very weak effects

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