United SFM 'Smart-1' Test System

Available in both floor and table model configurations, these test systems incorporate advanced computer technology and user-friendly software providing an extremely efficient, reliable approach to any materials testing need.

Well-known for their rugged construction and versatile performance, the “SMART” test systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications meet the most demanding test requirements.

The United SFM 'Smart-1' Test System incorporates a number of innovative features.

Self-Checking Facility

To help ensure the integrity of every test, United “SMART” machines automatically perform a series of self-diagnostics prior to the start of each test. Analog to Digital converters for load and strain measurements are calibrated and various PC components are also subjected to diagnostic tests. The PC system powers down its monitor and enters sleep mode after a short time of inactivity.

Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology

Each United “SMART” test machine incorporates analog-todigital converters and servo controller that are equipped with digital signal processors. Operating under computer control, the digital signal processor provides high-precision data conversion and motion control. Analog-to-digital conversions are synchronous and capable of performing at a rate of up to 8192 conversions per second at 20 bits. The motion control update rate is 3300.

SMART Loadframe Features

  • Single or Twin Column loadframe
  • Twin ball screw drive with closed-loop servo and motor controls
  • Crosshead Guidance System: Uses heavy channel shape steel columns. Maximum lateral motion ±0.25mm over full crosshead travel
  • Anti-backlash system: standard on floor models, optional on table models
  • Emergency Stop Control: via rocker and mechanical limit switches
  • Interchangeable electronic loadcell weighing system is standard
  • Electronic self-identifying loadcell & extensometer are optional
  • Automatic overload protection
  • Quick-Disconnect loadcell & fixture system
  • Controlled release of load in the event of power failure
  • Special colors optionally available.

Additional Control Features

  • Preload, Test, Stop and Return operations initiated with one keystroke.
  • Preload Force, Test Speed and Return Speed may be preset.
  • Jog controls allow fast and accurate cross head setup.
  • Automatic Stop or Return following sample break.
  • Real-time graphic display of Load (or Stress) vs. Extension.
  • Load measurement accuracy: ±0.5% of reading from 1% to 100% of rated capacity.
  • Extension from crosshead: Resolution = 0.63micron/jaw separation, Accuracy = ±83 micron/meter of travel. Optional high-resolution encoder makes Resolution = 0.063 micron/jaw separation.
  • Extension from extensometer: Resolution = 1/262144 of full range, Accuracy per extensometer specifications.
  • Standard system supports one load and one extensometer input channel. Additional channels are optional. Resolution of 20 bits binary. DSP filter standard. Conversion rate 4096 Hz (standard) or 8192 Hz (optional).
  • Operator-selectable measurement units: English, Metric, SI, or mixed.
  • Operator may set any test speed within the capacity of the machine using keyboard entry.
  • Operator can program up to twenty preset speeds.
  • Speeds may be selected “on the fly” with instant crosshead response.
  • Limits programmable-position, load or strain.
  • Cycle functions programmable-position, load or strain control.
  • Area compensation on/off.
  • Digital servo control system – optional encoder, digital signal processor, solid state amplifier. Optional upgrades, customized or “specific-brand” computer systems can also be provided to meet special application requirements or customer preference.

Loadframe & Drive System Specifications Common to All SMART Models

Lateral Motion: ±0.25mm (0.01 in.) maximum over full crosshead travel.
Speed Accuracy: ±0.1% of set speed for all forces within the capacity of the machine when averaged over the larger of 15 seconds or 50mm (2 inches).
Position Resolution: 0.6µm (25 micro inches) standard. 0.06 µm is optional with highresolution encoder.
Position Accuracy:The greater of 0.025mm (0.001 in.) or 0.025% of movement.
Position Repeatability: ±0.005mm (0.0002 in.).
Drive Resolution: Same as Position Resolution.

Force Measurement System

Accuracy:  ± the larger of 0.5% of reading or 0.01% of capacity.
Repeatability:  ± the larger of 0.25% of reading or 0.005% of capacity.

Strain Measurement System

United SMART series testing machines together with the United EZ self-ID extensometers meet or exceed the following industry standards:
Document      Grade/Class            Range Limits
ASTM E83          B1            0% - 100% of range
BS 3846              A              0% - 100% of range
ISO 9513            0.5            0% - 100% of range
EN 10002-4                         0% - 100% of range

System specifications for strain measurements using United SMART series testing machines with the type EX self-identifying extensometers.
Accuracy:          0.5 µm
Repeatability:     0.25 µm
Discrimination:     0.0004% of range
Resolution:         0.0004% of range
Bias Error:          0.25% of reading United Testing Systems offers a complete line of Universal Testing Machines, equipment and accessories for tensile and hardness testing.

All United Universal Mechanical Testing Machines have a number of standard features developed to give the user the most accurate and efficient results:

  • Twin ball screw drive w/solid-state servo and motor controls. Single ball screw drive for capacities less than 1,000 Lbf.
  • Crosshead guidance system ( maximum lateral motion 0.010" over full crosshead travel).
  • Anti-backlash system.
  • "Emergency Stop" control via rocker switch, computer or mechanical limit switches.
  • Interchangeable, electronic load cell weighing system.
  • USB-connectivity for computerized machines assures data integrity and supported high data transfer rate.
  • Quick-disconnect load cell and fixture system.

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