United High Capacity Smart Hydraulic Floor Model (SHFM) Universal Testing Machines

United High Capacity Smart Hydraulic Floor Model (SHFM) universal testing machines with computer control are available with capacities from 300 kN (67,500 Lbf) to 2,000 kN (450,000 Lbf).

Universal testing machines for today’s high capacity applications require sturdy load frames along with computer data acquisition and control capabilities. The fully-accessorized UNITED SHFM Series Testers include a complement of support hardware and accessories to immediately commence testing for tensile or compressive strength as well as bend and flex testing. Load cells are standard equipment for SHFM Series machines. United SHFM Series Test Systems are available in capacities from 300kN to 2,000 kN (67,500 Lbf to 450,000 Lbf).  

By incorporating proven hardware plus USB-connectivity for high speed data acquisition and control, the SHFM Series takes full advantage of our extensive library of Windows®-based test methods. These test methods generate test results that are fully compliant with  internationally recognized standards such as ASTM, ISO, EN, JIS, DIN and BS.

All United Universal Mechanical Testing Machines have a number of standard features developed to give the user the most accurate and efficient results:

  • Twin ball screw drive w/solid-state servo and motor controls. Single ball screw drive for capacities less than 1,000 Lbf.
  • Crosshead guidance system ( maximum lateral motion 0.010" over full cross head travel).
  • Anti-backlash system.
  • "Emergency Stop" control via rocker switch, computer or mechanical limit switches.
  • Interchangeable, electronic load cell weighing system.
  • USB-connectivity for computerized machines assures data integrity and supported high data transfer rate.
  • Quick-disconnect load cell and fixture system.

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