Automatic Carbon Fiber Testing

The United Automatic Carbon Fiber Tester is designed to automatically (without operator intervention) test up to 200 specimens of carbon fiber in one setup. For easy record keeping and generating reports, specimen data are entered into the test software via barcode. The diameter of each fiber specimen is measured by a laser diffraction measuring system.

United Testing Systems manufactures a variety of special purpose tensile testing systems. United tensile testing systems incorporate a range of innovative standard features.


  • Computer-controlled rubber testing system
  • Perform fatigue-to-failure test on 48 samples at one time
  • No troublesome micro-switches and mechanical counters
  • Solid state electronics for counting and failure detection
  • Count values are recorded to file every 100 strokes
  • Number of strokes can be pre-set by operator
  • Failed samples are displayed in different color on computer monitor for easy spotting
  • Plot of failures vs. number of strokes is automatically created
  • System can be set to stop when a certain percentage of the samples have failed
  • Available with optional integrated environmental chamber (as shown).


  • Capacity: 48 samples
  • Stroke: 0 to 4 inches
  • Speed: 100 strokes per minute
  • Switches: photoelectric
  • Counter: software on IBM-compatible PC
  • Power: 115 or 230 Volts, 60 Hz, less than 10 Amps

The United Model SSTM testing machine is a computer inclusive, electromechanical, test system designed to accommodate a variety of testing instruments and accessories to test various types of material including ceramics, plastics, polymers, metals and composites.

Besides being involved in the production and manufacturing process of our main product lines, United engineers are constantly working to improve current products as well as coming up with new items to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of our customers.

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