The SigmaCheck Eddy Current Conductivity Meter offers precise conductivity measurements at the same time offering the user consistency, usability, cost-effectiveness and technology. The SigmaCheck is user-friendly and can be easily operated by experts or by a semi-skilled operator. It can be used for a broad range of applications.

Key Features

The salient features of SigmaCheck are:

  • User programmable display
  • 2GB of data storage –Can store over one million data points
  • Uploaded data can viewed using MS Excel
  • Equipped with an Intelligent charger via USB Port or AC Supply
  • Multiple languages available that include English, German, French, Spanish
  • Excellent resistance to “edge effect”
  • Conductivity results are rapidly displayed
  • Up to 6 h of Battery life
  • Upgrading of Firmware in field possible
  • Configuring of different probes is possible by loading the appropriate probe map from SD Card
  • There is a real-time clock for time and date so that readings can be “stamped”
  • Real-time PC control via USB or optional RS232 link

Key benefits

The advantages of SigmaCheck are:

  • High Resolution Colour Display (2.8”, 320 pixels by 240 pixels)
  • Precise Conductivity Range (0.5% IACS to 110% IACS, 0.28-64 MS/m)
  • Wide frequency range for testing thin materials (60kHz, 120kHz, 240kHz, 480kHz)There is an additional option of 960kHz
  • Non-conductive Coating Thickness Measurement display up to 0.5mm
  • Lightweight (350 grams / 12 oz). Ergonomic Slim-Line Case design and easy to hold Probe with adjustable finger-grip


The applications of the SigmaCheck are:

  • Heat treatment verification
  • Fire or heat damage investigation
  • Determination of purity composition of materials
  • Material Verification / Metal Sorting
  • Non-conductive Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Determining the Purity Composition of Materials I.e. Gold Bullion and Coins, Bar Stock
  • Aircraft Structures. E.g. Paint Thickness Measurement
  • Assessment of Ageing of Aluminium Profiles

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