Veescan Wheel Inspection System from EtherNDE

EtherNDE offers the VEESCAN ET Wheel Inspection System, which is available in two models, VEESCAN R and H for optimized productivity and maximum flexibility respectively. The VEESCAN has an established mechanical design and an established record of maintenance-free operation of more than a year.

The VEESCAN can be configured with a broad range of probes and enables any wheel testing facility the flexibility of selecting the most compatible system with their workload. Along with a range of operation modes, the probability of detection is maximized.

Salient features

The features of the two models from VEESCAN are:

  • VEESCAN H can lift the wheel and fix it with an automatic adaptor that makes use of the wheel inertia for centering.
  • An integrated roller tray is also offered for easy integration and maneuverability into a conveyor and wheel testing can be done up to 900 mm diameter.
  • An adjustable control panel is provided for operator comfort and positioning is enabled at a convenient distance from the main machine.
  • Alternatively the wheel is clamped to a turntable by the VEESCAN R using a pneumatic cylinder. Electronics and pneumatic control is fitted into the frame to enable acess to the rotating table from both sides.
  • The wheel movement is assisted by three rollers from three open sides on the rotating table.

The Model R is reliable, robust and flexible and can test wheels of two size ranges, under 600 mm and 900 mm simultaneously.

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