Magazon EBU/SBU Bench Series from Baugh & Weedon

The benches are offered in a range of sizes, a broad variety of magnetizing modes and present waveforms having several accessories and ancillary equipment.

Their design provides the freedom to construct benches to custom specifications offering both commercial and technical specification.

Salient Features

The features of the Magazon series are:

  • The MAGAZON series construction is based on a heavy-duty framework fitted with a stainless steel drain tank.
  • The frame design enables integral mounting of the power pack. It is optionally possible to mount the power pack in a separate cabinet.
  • The tank is provided with a movable tailstock and a fixed position headstock.
  • For convenient movement the tailstock has a simple lock and sintered phosphor bronze bearings
  • The tailstock and head are provided with test piece supports and copper mesh contact pads that can be easily replaced
  • A footswitch is used to operate pneumatic clamping before magnetizing
  • For the Magazon SBU, a nominal 2500 A power pack provides AC, with HWDC (half wave rectified) and single phase, or 3-phase FWDC (full wave rectified) waveforms as alternatives
  • For the Magazon EBU, nominal 3000A or 5000A AC power packs are standard, though alternative options are available subject to technical appraisal. It is possible to accommodate HWDC or FWDC
  • Option of variable transformer control is available for the Magazon SBU and EBU
  • Digital ammeters and instrument controls are provided at an eye-level console above the headstock. Two meters each with autonomous control are provided
  • One meter displays HEAD current, and the other displays FLUX/COIL current.
  • Rotary switches enable selection of current waveform, magnetizing mode and shot time.

The MAGAZON EBU and SBU Series has a universal, microprocessor based, electronic system which enable a number of features to be included. These include the following:

  • Current pre-selection.
  • Built-in memory.


The MAGAZON Series can be used for either kerosene or water based magnetic particle inspection inks.

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