ARSST Calorimeter from Fauske Associates

The Complete Calorimeter for Hazards Screening and Vent Sizing

Description and Capabilities:

  • Easy setup for fast test turnaround
  • Quickly screen new and existing processes for thermal hazards
  • Lightweight glass test cell with good mixing
  • Open or closed cell tests & small sample size
  • Flow regime detector distinguishes between foamy and non-foamy behavior
  • Scanning and isothermal modes

Obtain Complete Chemical System Data

  • Low thermal inertia testing allows data to be directly applied to process scale
  • Temperature and pressure rise rates applicable to vent sizing and relief system design
  • Based on DIERS two-phase flow technology, recognized by OSHA as an example of "good engineering practice"
  • Estimate process safety parameters
    • Heat of reaction
    • Heat of mixing
    • Total adiabatic temperature rise
    • Onset temperature
    • Tempering temperature
    • Self-accelerating decomposition temperature
    • Time to maximum rate

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