Micromeritics AccuPyc II 1345 Pycnometer Highlights the Value of Efficient Density Measurement

Gas pycnometry is recognized as one of the most accurate and reliable techniques for obtaining true, absolute, skeletal, and apparent volume and density. The technique is non-destructive as it uses the gas displacement method to measure volume. Inert gases, such as helium or nitrogen, are used as the displacement medium. Density calculations using the gas displacement method are much more accurate and reproducible than the traditional Archimedes liquid displacement method.

The Micromeritics AccuPyc II 1345 pycnometers are fast, fully automatic pycnometers that provide high-speed, high-precision volume measurements and true density calculations on a wide variety of powders, solids, and slurries. 

After the analysis is started with a few keystrokes, data is collected, calculations performed, and the results displayed. A minimal amount of attention by the operator is required. The instrument can be operated with a keypad or an optional Windows interface. 

For those who require high throughput, up to five add-on analytical modules can be attached to the controller unit. All six stations can be operated simultaneously with the same or differing experimental parameters. Sample chamber sizes are available between 0.1 cm3 and 2000 cm3.

AccuPyc Series - Product Overview

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