GD-Profiler HR Spectrometer from HORIBA

HORIBA Scientific has introduced new GD-Profiler HR spectrometer which offers excellent performance in terms of number of elements and resolution to solve analytical issues encountered in complex matrices. About 60 elements, including gasses can be studied at the same time.

Key Features

Product features of the GD-Profiler HR spectrometer are:

  • HDD detection which is patented delivers both sensitivity and speed during detection without affecting the performance of the instrument
  • Through synchronized acquisition, source can be pulsed to obtain favorable results on delicate samples; RF source allows analysis of both standard and non-standard material and layers
  • RF-only generator complies with Class E standard and designed for crater shape and stability to enable real surface analysis.
  • Unique ion-etched holographic gratings from HORIBA Scientific ensure maximum light throughput for optimum sensitivity and light efficiency
  • Concurrent optic delivers full spectral coverage ranging from 110 to 800 nm, comprising deep UV access to study hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, chlorine and nitrogen
  • Sample compartment can be easily accessed, enabling sufficient room for sample loading
  • Patent-pending CenterLite laser pointer for accurate sample loading
  • QUANTUMT XP software with Tabler report writing tool
  • Optional 1.0 m monochromator delivers maximum optical resolution of 9 pm in the UV
  • Monochromator option helps improve flexibility of instrument while simultaneously adding "n+1" capability
  • 1 .0 m focal length offers 14 pm optical resolution of 14 pm with concurrent study of about 60 channels


Product specifications of the GD-Profiler HR spectrometer are:

Wavelength Range 110 to 800 nm
Channels up to 60 elements

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