EMGA-920 Oxygen / Nitrogen Combustion Analyzer from HORIBA

HORIBA Scientific has launched a new, advanced nitrogen and oxygen elemental analyzer called EMGA-920 O/N analyzer, which is a user friendly product and the latest flagship model for O/N analyzers.

The analyzer provides high precision and repeatability for revolutionary technology's research and development as well as quality control in the steel, catalyst and new material market. This is a sophisticated model designed to fit to users’ demands.

A non-dispersive infrared detector measures the oxygen as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and a thermal conductivity detector measures the nitrogen.

Key Features

Product features of the EMGA-920 Oxygen / Nitrogen Combustion Analyzer are:

  • User-friendly software
  • High Performance
  • Enhanced Mechanism
  • Dual Sample/Flux introduction mechanism
  • Fully supported accessories provide simple operation


Specifications of the EMGA-920 Oxygen / Nitrogen Combustion Analyzer are provided in the table below:

Principle Oxygen: NDIR, Nitrogen: TCD
Measuring Time Inquire
Measurement Mode(s) Oxygen, Nitrogen
Sensitivity 0.0000001% (m/m)
Sample Weight 1.0 +/- 0.1g
Oxidation Method Gas Fusion
Spec:Detection Limit Inquire
Spec:Measurement Accuracy Inquire
Nitrogen Measurement Range 0 to 3%
Oxygen Measurement Range 0 to 5%

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