T64000 Raman Research System from HORIBA

Recently, Raman spectroscopy has taken a new dimension and is being increasingly used in numerous analyses. The availability of small bench-top spectrometers in the market has paved the way for different fields of studies. On the other hand, more demanding and complex applications have also evolved.

To address this demand, sophisticated research-grade systems feature advanced technology which is seen in bench-top instruments and yet deliver better performance needed for samples, which are otherwise complex and difficult to study with standard instruments.

The T64000 Raman Research System is a flexible platform and has been specifically designed for Raman analysis. The tool features a triple spectrometer design to provide excellent optical stability and uses the confocal LabRAM Raman microprobe technology. The optical coupling is effective and throughput is restricted merely by theoretical considerations. The mechanical coupling is strong and stable.

Key Features

Product features of the T64000 Raman Research System are:

  • Direct Single Spectrometer
  • Triple additive
  • Double Subtractive Stage


Specifications of the T64000 Raman Research System are provided in the table below:

Detector(s) CCD Spectrometer
Measurement Mode(s) Raman, UV-Vis, Fluorescence.
Laser Sources Inquire
Focal Length 640 mm


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