LabRAM HR UV-VIS-NIR Raman Microscope from HORIBA

The LabRAM HR UV-VIS-NIR Raman Microscope available from HORIBA Scientific integrates latest methods in optical system design so as to fulfill complex demands for flexibility, versatility and ease of use. The instrument features optimized components such as new gratings, coatings, objectives and CCDs as well as latest optical solutions like automation, spectrograph design and coupling optics. High throughput can be realized through this instrument.

Fast Operation

The LabRAM HR’s DUAL PATH optics allows users to easily and quickly switch between VIS/NIR and UV regions, when compared to achromat based instruments. The UV-VIS capable system also eliminates alignment or adjustment issues.

Wide Spectral Range

The UNIQUE Dual Path optics also enables the system to function across a broad spectral range without affecting spatial resolution or sensitivity. Hence, the system can be applied to PL emission together with Raman measurements for GaN samples.

High Resolution

The instrument is equipped with an 800 mm focal spectrometer, which is not found in smaller bench-top systems. The extended focal length ensures that the tool’s spectral resolution is maintained even while operating in the deep UV region. When compared to ~4 cm-1/pixel resolution achieved with smaller instruments, a 1 cm-1/pixel resolution can be obtained in this UV region.

Key Features

Product features of the LabRAM HR UV-VIS-NIR Raman Microscope are:

  • Ease to use
  • Delivers high throughput of a single-stage Raman system through advanced filter technology
  • Allows switchable laser excitations and does not require any adjustments
  • Unique CCD technology like the LN2 cooled back-thinned CCD detectors with high QE provides excellent sensitivity
  • Includes additional laser configurations like 785, 633 and 532 nm
  • Promotes automated operation with the motorized X, Y and Z axis plots and mapping
  • Enables UV-VIS operation with UV laser wavelengths at 244, 247, and 325 nm
  • Features HORIBA Scientific holographic diffraction gratings for matching efficiency and resolutions
  • Includes large volume laser safety enclosure for operator protection


Specifications of the LabRAM HR UV-VIS-NIR Raman Microscope are provided in the table below:

Detector(s) LN2 Cooled CCD Detectors
Measurement Mode(s) Raman, Photoluminescence
Laser Sources 244, 247 and 325 nm (Opt. 532, 633, 785 nm)
Focal Length 800 mm


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