MicroHR Motorized Short Focal Length Spectrometer from HORIBA

The MicroHR Motorized Short Focal Length Spectrometer available from HORIBA Scientific comes in both motorized and manual models. It is available either as a scanning monochromator or as an imaging spectrograph. Users can now utilize the new automated MicroHR to make instant and accurate measurements and realize maximum flexibility which is not seen in similar focal length spectrometers.

The MicroHR features a dual grating turret which is interchangeable, and functions in a wavelength range covering between 150 nm and 15 µm. As a spectrograph, it includes a fixed or a small entrance slit combined with Quick-Align CCD adapter. Increased versatility can be realized by including a side exit port, thus enabling dual detector operation. Data can be collected from a CCD in the visible region and the same can be collected in the IR region with the help of a channel detector. Users can utilize a USB interface to scan and receive data via a computer connection. The MicroHR is a high throughput optical system and is a cost-effective and suitable device for variety of spectroscopic applications.

Key Features

Product features of the MicroHR Motorized Short Focal Length Spectrometer are:

  • Interchangeable, automated dual grating turret
  • Small and lightweight
  • Czerny-Turner optical layout
  • Quick and high precision drive
  • Allows instant and precise measurements
  • Universal accessory mount
  • Pre-aligned CCD mount
  • Toroidal collimating mirror
  • Works in all positions
  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • Optional side exit port
  • Optional motorized internal filter wheel

Benefits of the MicroHR Motorized Short Focal Length Spectrometer are as follows:

  • Saves space
  • Can be easily incorporated into optical systems
  • Minimal stray light and optimal performance
  • Offers superior imaging quality
  • Easy wavelength range switching; allows upgrade in the field
  • Enables simple CCD installation without needing adjustment
  • Versatility and portability
  • Can be used with present HORIBA Scientific C-mount and accessories
  • Dual detector mounting capability
  • Plug and Play computer interface
  • Order sorting without complex optics


Specifications of the MicroHR Motorized Short Focal Length Spectrometer are provided in the table below:

Wavelength Range 150 nm to 15 um
Resolution 0.25 nm at 400 nm
Detector(s) Dual Detector Ports
Scanning Speed 500 nm/sec
Dynamic Range Inquire
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Inquire
Focal Length 140 mm
Pixels Inquire

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