TRIAX 190 Compact Imaging Spectrometer from HORIBA

HORIBA Scientific has released a new compact imaging spectrometer called TRIAX 190 which has automated dual exit port selection and interchangeable triple grating turret. Such type of flexibility is found only in 1/4 m instruments.

The TRIAX 190 imaging spectrometer is suitable for long wavelength range applications that require multiple detectors. For instance, HORIBA’s customers have integrated their TRIAX 190s spectrometers with two gratings which can be used with all HORIBA Scientific CCD detectors equipped to a single exit port, and a third grating designed for use with HORIBA’s IR detectors equipped to the second exit port.

Key Features

Product features of the TRIAX 190 Compact Imaging Spectrometer are:

  • Fully automated
  • Economical and compact
  • Exceptional image quality
  • High throughput
  • 30 x 12 mm flat image field
  • High precision automated slits
  • Rediffracted light eliminated
  • On-axis grating rotation
  • Patented triple grating turret
  • Built-in RS232 & IEEE interfaces
  • Built-in control of optional filter wheel
  • Optional handheld controller
  • 32 bit LabVIEW drivers available


Specifications of the TRIAX 190 are provided in the table below:

Wavelength Range 185 nm to Far Infrared
Resolution 0.3 nm
Detector(s) Multiple Detector Ports
Dynamic Range Inquire
Accuracy +/- 0.3 nm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Inquire.
Focal Length 0.19 m
Pixels Inquire


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