RAPID II Curved Imaging Plate Area Detector

The RAPID II is the most versatile X-ray area detector in the history of materials analysis. The success of the RAPID II is a testament to the suitability of imaging plate technology for measuring diffraction patterns and diffuse scattering from a wide range of materials.

The instrument combines an exceptionally large active-area imaging plate that is sensitive to a wide range of radiation sources with the flexibility to match it with a large variety of X-ray sources and optics. The nature of the imaging plate detector implies that weak measurements can be made easily in the presence of strong measurements.

The detector combines a well-proven, time-tested design with the lack of a need for calibration and the RAPID II is a detector that can be maintained in the field with a minimum of downtime.

Examples of experiments that can be done on the RAPID II include, phase ID of powder samples, micro-diffraction mapping down to 10 microns, diffuse scattering, fiber diffraction, small molecule structure analysis, stress and texture measurements, etc.

Key Features

The product features of the RAPID II are:

  • Curved imaging plate provides a large 210° aperture
  • Long exposures allowed because of absence of dark current noise
  • Large dynamic range achieved with dual photomultiplier design.
  • High sensitivity coupled with low readout noise.
  • Imaging plate detector sensitive for all potential X-ray targets
  • Multiple X-ray source options, from sealed tube to rotating anode generators
  • No detector calibration required.
  • Low maintenance—all components can be serviced on-site.
  • Huge experimental versatility, from powders to single crystals.

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