HORIBA Unveils Dual FL Fluorometer with Built-in Spectrophotometer

HORIBA Scientific has introduced an advanced Dual FL Fluorometer which is touted to be the world's fastest instrument with integrated UV-VIS spectrophotometer.

The CCD-based benchtop instrument is equipped with a water Raman S/N sensitivity that is higher than 20,000:1 RMS, and has spectral rates at 80,000 nm/s. Users can acquire complete excitation emission matrix (EEMs) or instant kinetics data within a short period of time. In fact, they can utilize the tool as a lab UV-VIS, or to obtain concurrent dual-mode absorbance and fluorescence data to rectify inner-filter effects in the spectra.

Key Features

Product features of the Dual FL Fluorometer with built-in spectrophotometer are:

  • Automatic sample changer option (2 or 4 position)
  • Double grating excitation monochromator for excellent stray light rejection
  • Corrected UV-VIS absorbance detection path for precision and stability
  • Concurrent absorbance-fluorescence system
  • Matching bandpass for fluorescence and absorbance spectra
  • TE-cooled CCD fluorescence emission detector allows instant data acquisition up to 100x faster over other similar benchtop instruments
  • Can be used with titrator and flow cells


  • Kinetic and spectral analysis tools for fluorescence and absorbance data
  • Fully NIST-traceable rectified fluorescence spectra is automatically created
  • Optimized experiment set-up menus reduce user configuration time
  • Techniques and batch protocols for automating numerous sample measurement

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