LabRAM HR Evolution Systems from HORIBA

HORIBA Scientific has introduced new, advanced LabRAM HR Evolution systems that are suitable for both macro and micro measurements. The confocal microscope allows users to acquire highly detailed images and analyses easily and quickly, and delivers sophisticated confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D.

Combined with intuitive simplicity and high performance, the system provides an ultimate tool for Raman spectroscopy and is extensively utilized for photoluminescence, tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS), routine Raman analysis, and other hybrid techniques.

Key Features

Product features of the LabRAM HR Evolution systems are:

  • UV to NIR
  • Ultra-fast confocal imaging
  • Ultra-low Frequency
  • High spectral and spatial resolutions
  • Ergonomy and ease of use
  • Compatibility with hybrid techniques
  • Finding optimum conditions for sample analysis

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