IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope from Olympus

The IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope is used for capturing images with high quality. It has a weight of about 700 g, and is compact and durable, and hence it can be used in confined and tough areas. Accurate and quick articulation can be provided using a rugged insertion tube. It is suitable for performing field inspections as it is light in weight. It can be used by inspectors working in cramped spaces, or in areas having limited access.

Key Features

The key features of the IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope are:

  • It is small in size, and can be easily fitted into the palm of user’s hand.
  • It has high speed, and ensures fatigue-free operation even during prolonged inspections.
  • Required functions can be identified and activated using simple and intuitive icons which are present in the IPLEX
  • Direct-access keys can be pressed for articulating the scope tip, adjusting brightness, recording images, and providing text.
  • It avoids the need of complicated menu settings.
  • Interchangeable optical tip adapters are mounted with the bright LED for illuminating the targets.
  • The IPLEX UltraLite has Hi-Beam mode which helps in increasing the illumination up to 2X for enabling expanded inspection capability.
  • The IPLEX UltraLite is compliant with IP55, and also produces high quality images even in sunlight
  • It consists of an insertion tube which has resistance to abrasion and crush. This tube is used for inspecting objects inside rough and winding paths.
  • Designed with unique Olympus Tapered Flex™ technology
  • Unique Olympus image processor is provided in the IPLEX UltraLite
  • Even small defects can be detected using the IPLEX UltraLite
  • SD or SDHC card is used for storing observed images as MPEG-4 movies and high-quality JPEG still images
  • Includes optional inspection data management and reporting software.

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