The IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscope from Olympus

The IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscope is suitable for inspections. It has a weight of about 2.7 kg, and consists of a lithium-ion battery which runs for about 2 h. It is compact and light in weight.

Key Features

The key features of the IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscope are:

  • It can be easily moved to job sites
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Has width of about 227 mm and height of about 189 mm.
  • It consists of a monitor for clear visibility
  • It can stand upright or can be worn or fastened to a tripod or mounting arm so that it can be operated in any environments.
  • It can be easily operated by users at any level, and requires only less training due to the presence of the intuitive icon-based menu system
  • The monitor is suitable for group inspections and training. Even small defects can be detected as the monitor gives high image clarity
  • During inspection, the handheld controller can be fixed to the main unit or operated independently
  • All functions can be easily operated by the user
  • Intuitive, internationally recognized icons allow the operator to select the right menu option.
  • Joystick simplifies the navigation
  • It can be used in dust, rain, and sand, and also has an ability to tolerate physical shocks
  • It has crush-proof insertion tubes which are provided with an innovative fine mesh tungsten outer braid
  • Integrated LED illumination system is used for illuminating the targets
  • Interchangeable optical adaptors are provided with unique SmartTip feature for recording the captured images and the adaptor information for inspection traceability
  • Removable USB flash drive is used for recording MPEG-4 movies and high-quality JPEG still images
  • Optional inspection data management and reporting software helps in simplifying inspections and enhancing work efficiency

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