3Flex - Surface Characterization Analyzer from Micromeritics

The 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer from Micromeritics is built with a single focus for improving the analytical results. It is a fully automated, three-station instrument, and is provided with a transducer which can be used for upgrading each analysis station from mesopore to micropore in order to simultaneously analyze the samples. This instrument is used for analyzing high-throughput surface area, micropore, and mesopore with high accuracy, resolution, and data reduction.

Key Features

The key features of the 3Flex surface characterization analyzer are:

  • Advanced instrument diagnostics
  • Pneumatically actuated, hard seal valves are present for providing leak-free operation
  • Interactive MicroActive Software for analyzing data with user-defined report options
  • Stainless steel gas inlets, VCR fittings, and analysis manifold
  • Three configurable analysis ports for high throughput
  • Field serviceable through easy access cover design
  • Each sample port can be fully upgraded from mesopore to micropore
  • Operational dashboard is capable of continuously monitoring maintenance cycles and critical system functions
  • Proven Isothermal Jacket technology
  • New Dewar design enables controlling the temperature continuous for more than 80 hours
  • 29-bit A/D conversion data acquisition used at 25 bits
  • High Vacuum metal–sealed turbo pump speeds evacuation


The accessories available for the 3Flex surface characterization analyzer are:

  • Dewar lids
  • VacPrep 061
  • Heating Mantle
  • FlowPrep 060
  • Dewar dip stick
  • Isothermal Jacket
  • Valves
  • Sample Tubes and accessories
  • SmartPrep 065
  • Gas Inlet Lines
  • Gas Regulator
  • Cables
  • Software and Manuals
  • Reference Material
  • Vacuum Pump and accessories
  • Dewar
  • Operating Supplies
  • Gas Regulator Accessories

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